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  1. spring

    spring Gast


    First I need to apologise, because I am writing this message in English, my German is very rusty, I havent been using it very often :-[. I hope you can help me anyway, despite my english.

    I come from Slovenia and I am in process of buying new kitchen. So far I have fallen in love with Schueller kitchens, but I have no idea, in whitch price range these kitchens belong (and in whitch quality). I know Nolte, Nobilia, Alno. Are Schueller kitcens comperable to any of these? There is no dealer for Schueller kitchens in Slovenia, as far as I know, so I would at least want to know what I am dealing with, if I decide to go buy it to Austria.

    Thank you very much

    Sunny greetings from Slovenia

    P.S You can write back in german, I understand quite well, except writing and talking are my problem :'(

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    18. März 2008
    Hi spring!

    If you want to buy a "Schüller", than you're on good way.
    It is nearly in the same range of quality like Nobilia. Maybe a little bit higher...

    Have fun with your new kitchen!
  3. Juri

    Juri Mitglied

    27. März 2008
    Confirm. Good Choice!

    Good luck with the alpen-germans! :oops: (insider joke - but Austrians won't roll on the floor laughing)


    Deutsche Übersetzung:

    Bestätigung. Gute Wahl!

    Viel Spaß mit den lieben Nachbarn!

  4. spring

    spring Gast

    Viel dank!

    (BTW: Juri, :-) :-), interesting, Croats call us Alpine Croats, small world)
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