wie kann ich Küche und Essen/Wohnen einrichtung?

Hallo Zusammen,

ich bitte um eure Verständnis dass ich auf Englisch schrieben darf. Ich habe Angst dass ich nicht richtig beschreiben kann.

I really appreciate the information and tips of this forum and I would like to have your professional ideas regarding my kitchen as well as the layout of dinning room/living room. I purchased my apartment end of last year and it will be finished by next January. Before I confirmed the plugs (Steckdose) and electric issue, I have got the rough idea, how my kitchen shall be. However, after the plugs were confirmed and installed, I changed my mind recently. It is awkward now and I really need your help!

Please find my enclosed floorplan from the developer, and two ideas made by myself.
-For the idea 1, I will use ceramic tile for the kitchen area and the remaining with wood floor. The only concern for this option is the dinning room is very small. Mann kann nicht bewegen.

-For the idea 2, I have to use wood floor all over, this is an disadvantage for me. However, the dinning room is bigger and flexible.

Please advise, which option is better or is there any other solution for the kitchen, given that the plugs positions are already fixed?

My budget for the kitchen is within 10,000EUR. Ideally with electric appliance of BOSCH or SIEMENS. NEFF is also acceptable. I prefer a big size Refrigerator, strong Abzugshaube, easy to clean backofen, 42 db dishwasher. Please find the checklist for more details.

In addition, when should I sign the contract with kitchen company if i want to move next January? How long is the normal delivery time?

Thank you very much in advance!

Kind Regards,

Checkliste zur Küchenplanung

Anzahl Personen im Haushalt: 2
Davon Kinder?:
Art des Gebäudes?:
Neu-/Umbau, Planänderungen möglich
Körpergrössen aller Hauptbenutzer (wegen Arbeitshöhe) in cm: 165
Brüstungshöhe des Fensters (in cm): N/A
Fensterhöhe (in cm): N/A
Raumhöhe in cm: 260
Heizung: Fussbodenheizung
Sanitäranschlüsse: fix
Ausführung Kühlgerät: Integriert im Hochschrank (60cm)
Kühlgerät Größe: bis 178 cm Höhe
Ausführung Tiefkühl (TK)-Gerät: Im Kühlschrank ab 3 Schubladen unten
Dunstabzugshaube: Umluft
Backofen etc. hochgebaut?: Wenn möglich
Hochgebauter Geschirrspüler?: Nein
Kochfeldart: Induktion
Kochfeldbreite ca. (in cm)?: 60 oder 90
Spülenform: 1 Becken mit Abtropffläche
Geplante Heißgeräte: Einbaumikrowelle, Backofen
Küchenstil: Modern
Sitzmöglichkeit in der Küche / im Küchenbereich: Keine
Sitzmöglichkeit: Für wieviel Personen?: für 4 Personen
Sitzmöglichkeit: Tisch - wenn gesonderter Tisch oder offene Küche: Wird nach Bedarf neu gekauft
Gewünschte o. vorhandene Tischgröße: 90*180
Wofür soll der Sitzplatz in der Küche genutzt werden? Wie häufig?: Essen täglich
Welche Arbeitshöhe ist angedacht (in cm)?: 90
Was steht auf der Arbeitsplatte oder soll dort stehen?: Kaffeemaschine, Wasserkocher, Messerblock, Toaster
Welche weiteren Küchenmaschinen müssen in der Küche untergebracht werden?: Mixer
Was soll in der Küche außer den Standards untergebracht werden?: Geschirr komplett (nichts in Ess-/Wohnzimmer)
Welchen Stauraum gibt es sonst noch?: Speisekammer, Keller
Was/wie wird gekocht? (Alltagsküche, Menüs, Snacks usw): Alltagsküche
Wie häufig wird gekocht?: (fast) täglich 2x warm
Wird alleine gekocht? Oder auch gemeinsam? Mit und für Gäste?: alleine auch für Gäste
Was stört an der bisherigen Küche und was soll die neue Küche unbedingt können? Warum?: Putzen und Reinigung
Welche Mülltrennung soll in der Küche vorgehalten werden?: Altglas, Biomüll, Restmüll
Steht schon ein Küchenhersteller fest oder wird bevorzugt?: nolte oder nobilia, usw.
Steht schon ein Gerätehersteller fest oder wird bevorzugt?: Bosch oder Siemens, usw.
Preisvorstellung (Budget): bis 10.000,-


Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Perth, Australien
Hi Cindy and welcome to the forum.

Before anybody can advise you we need your floor plans in pdf as the numbers are too small for us to read.

Make sure that windows, doors are measured so the water connections and ranghood outlet. The water position is critical as you cannot have a cabinet in front of the water outlets and drain exempt for the sink cabinet as it is open at the back.
Hi Evelin,

Thank you very much for your reply and advise. I have edited the floorplan in PDF as attached. Hope it works now. My unit is 2.01 and there is slight change of the plan, ie. the wall of the badroom will be moved for 15cm to left side.

You can neglect the kitchen set-up since it was planned originally by developer.

Thank you again for the help!

Kind Regards,Cindy


Thank you very much for the fantastic proposal! Really appreciated!

My problem is there is a pillar (for water pipe) raised on the main wall, which is roughly in the middle of the sink, with the size of 15*15. And the pipes for dishermachine have been installed. How could I figure out that?

I made photos on site for your reference and appreciate for your further comments.

Thanks and Kind Regards,


Regarding the question you raised, since I need to buy new furniture for the apartment, so the dinning table as 80*150 should work.


Perth, Australien
why should there be a water pipe? for whom? The water to your dishwasher comes from the same cold water outlet as for your sink and drain pipe of your dishwasher connects to the one under your sink.

you need to measure the exact position of this pipe. Best measure from the window wall.

Since this pipe will be a permanent feature in your kitchen, you can pull the cabinets 15cm or so away from the wall. However, this also means you can move your sink and dishwasher in a slightly different position as water and drain can be moved further to the right on top of the wall. It's not a big deal and doesn't cost you too much.

Now, if it was my kitchen, I would do the layout as below. It is much more practical, looks better and over all might be cheaper in regard to storage volume.

As I do not know how much storage you need, you have to decide what you might need in terms of wall cabinets.

You can order your kitchen any time and set an estimate delivery date. The company should be flexible enough to accommodate any variation in the delivery date and keep the kitchen for you in storage.

Once you are happy with any of the plans which anyone on the forum prepares for you, make a copy of the drawings and get quotes. And that's the moment when it can get tricky as buying a kitchen in Germany is not a straight forward process. Bargaining is the name of the game. Don't get pushed into signing any contracts. You will here comments like "this price is only valid today". Often the salesperson will not hand you out drawing of his plans which means you have to remember the plan for comparison.

This is one of the reasons why many people choose to buy IKEA kitchen.

When you have a quote, you can post the plans and price for discussion here without naming the kitchen studio.

Anyway, because Christmas is approaching pretty fast and nobody works for about 2 weeks around the festive season, you should order rather sooner than later.

If you let us know the area where you live, surely someone on the forum can recommend a kitchen studio.

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Hi Evelin! I really love this design! And highly appreciate your tips and comments! I never expect that much from this forum!*rose**rose*

This is a new apartments building, which was re-built based on the old one in karslruhe (developer took down the old one and build a new one between two existed buildings). Therefore there are some weird stuff during construction. I don't think the developer will re-do the waterpipe for me. :-[

Do the cooker (Kochherd) and oven need special power respectively? Is it too late for me to re-adjust the electrical plan? The developer had just finished all electrical work and start to the heating floor work. I will try to discuss with them if possible for such change.

Thank you again for your great work! :-)

Warm Regards,
The cooktop will need high voltage and both cooktop and oven need a fused power supply each. A high voltage socket is standard in german kitchens. In the case that your preferred plan requires a repositioning of the socket, an extension can be built on surface by an electrician for little money. Also splitting the power line for connecting cooktop and oven separately is no problem for an electrician.

Oh, I almost forgot: you should allow 8 to 12 weeks for delivery and, as Evelin already wrote, Christmas is getting closer...


Perth, Australien
yes, please ask the electrician about changing your wiring as per plan in #7 and that extra costs are not an issue (after all you changed your mind). The layout is very pratical, fridge not too far, dishwasher on the right of the sink, on the left your bin an working area.

What we call MUPL is a simple bin solution. You don't have to bend down, you simply wipe your wastes in by hand. There are suitable containers available by NINKA.
wie kann ich Küche und Essen/Wohnen einrichtung? - 353582 - 12. Okt 2015 - 01:10 wie kann ich Küche und Essen/Wohnen einrichtung? - 353582 - 12. Okt 2015 - 01:10

If you have decided on a layout that suits you, we can discuss bench height, drawer layout, make suggestion what type of front material, appliances and so forth. Until then we might have to wait for a positive feedback from the electrician ... you are here in good hands ;-)


.. and if the building electrician want's too much money - you can ask the one who will fit your kitchen to do it for you - it can be done in a very short time and shouldn't cost more than 100-200 €
Evelin, thank you again for the detail information! I have contact the Electrianman and is waiting for his answer for inspeciton. I might move in a little bit later, anyway, I don't worry about the kitchen planning now.*dance*

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